mt hood and cars.jpg

Car Show

The car show will be held Thursday afternoon/evening and include the following categories:

  1. Best in Show

  2. Best Solstice

  3. Best Sky

  4. Best Coupe

  5. Best Paint

  6. Best Lighting

  7. Best Stock

  8. Best Accessories

Scavenger Hunt

This is just a fun way to collect some photographs for the slide show at the banquet and get all of the participants to join in the fun.  It is NOT a scavenger hunt in the traditional sense in that participants don’t collect things, but rather photographs.  Each participant should try to get the following photographs:

1.      Hotel Lobby – You might want to get a photograph with a bison.

2.      Around the Hotel – You’ll definitely want a picture of yourself with our 2020 mascot Jack.  Hint:  Jack hangs out with Rick. (Watch out for imposters!)

3.      Around the Hotel – A photo of your car with another car just like it.

4.      Open Category – Be creative, remember, this is just for the memories of our 2020 NASSAM.

5.      Mt. Rushmore Run – Get a picture with someone by the name of George.

6.      Crazy Horse Run – This should be easy for most of us, get a photo of yourself with a crazy person.

7.      Devils Tower Run – A photo of you at the center of it all.

8.      Custer State Park – My eyes are going bad, I’m getting tunnel vision.

9.      Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway – At lunch, don’t forget to have a photograph with your prize cougar.

10.   Badlands – A photo of you with anything (and we mean anything) at Wall Drug.

Please submit your photographs to or just bring them in to the check-in/registration room on a card and we’ll copy them over to one of our computers.  Be sure to let us know which item your photo represents.